BrandHub is targeted for Start-Ups and Influencers to build their personalised brand and with the added protection that it does not infringe conflicting trade marks.

One platform for all points of protecting their brand and supported by Pointon Partners a medium sized full service legal firm and leading provider to entrepreneurs, start-ups and influencers.

BrandHub App

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Step 1

Create your brand’s name and / or logo


Step 2

Take a photo of your brand’s logo or type your brand’s name in the Brand Hub App to search availability on social media platforms, domain names, business names and trade mark registerability


Step 3

Review your report on the Brand Hub App


Step 4

Brand Hub will assist you to
register domain names, business names and trademarks

BrandHub has been established to service an unmet need in the marketplace; to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with ‘big data’ to collate reliable information from trusted data providers.  The AI software solution creates a robust, reliable, easy to use single reference for clients wishing to be produce, protect and personalise their own brand.

BrandHub software acts as a marketing tool for all organisations and takes out the laborious process, fraught with human errors.

The platform will resolve the ongoing issue that users register social media handles or business names believing they have protection and are not infringing but are generally failing to consider if their intended brand infringes a trade mark owner.

The BrandHub Validation Program engine is planned to be completely automated; streamlining the entire process of protecting a brand name collating authenticated brand searches with correct databases, whilst eliminating arduous paperwork, multiple databases, manual input errors and lengthy wait times.

Key to the BrandHub service is that once your report is finalised you will be assigned a legal representative or attorney from the BrandHub team to discuss your findings.  Then, there is the convenience of with fixed cost registrations and the team member may assist you on all other agreements required for entrepreneurs, start-ups and influencers as set out on the website.




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